Jim Iavarone
  • Religion

    Jim Iavarone

    Fifth grade religon class is rooted in scripture and faithful to the traditions of the Catholic church.  Class centers on the person of Jesus Christ showing the relationship with God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Students learn about Jesus with his sacraments.

    Sixth grade religion class concentrates on knowing God with divine revelation through the books of the bible. They have an overview of the Old Testament, God's covenant and the fulfillment of that covenant in the person of Jesus. 

    Seventh grade religion class concentrates on how we live our faith as disciples of Jesus.  It centers on Jesus's life, his teachings, and the sacraments he instituted. It presents Jesus's call to each person to become His disciple and the ways in which His teachings, His sacraments, and His church nourish people for discipleship. Students learn who is God, who is Jesus, how is Jesus Christ alive in the Church today, and how does the Church live as the Body of Christ.

    In eighth grade religion class, students learn to live our faith as members of the Church from her beginning at the Pentecost event through her history encompassing her teachings and traditions. It presents the mission of the Church, entrusted to her by Jesus, as the responsibility of all baptized Catholics.