• School Closure

    The school is preparing for situations in which the school building needs to close due to a significant number of students or staff testing positive for COVID-19 or a considerable regional increase in COVID-19 cases.

    In consultation with state and local health departments, Mater Christi School will follow all regulations and guidelines put forth by the New York State Health Department, closures of the Albany School District, and  directives from the Catholic School Office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. Plans for an orderly closure will include communication to all relevant parties including parents/legal guardians, faculty, staff, students and the local community using the following platforms:

         - SwiftReach (email, text and phone alert system)
         - the school website (www.mcsalbany.org)
         - School Facebook Page (public announcements) 
         - Seesaw (parent communication)
         - Google Classroom
         - Group Me (Faculty and Staff Text)
         - School Closing Network (TV)

    The school principal will close school if absentee rates impact the ability of the school to operate safely. She may choose to modify operations prior to closing to help mitigate a rise in cases. If infection rates are rising above 5%; consider modifying school operations for medically vulnerable students and staff if they are participating in in-person activities.The school principal will consult their school nurse and/or the local department of health when making such decisions.

    To read more detail in the event of a school closure and to determine which operations will be decreased, or ceased and which operations will be conducted remotely visit the School Closure due to COVID -19 Outbreak section of our reopening plan.


Last Modified on August 6, 2020