• Ways to Support MCS

    There are many ways to contribute to Mater Christi School, and all of them support the School’s mission in remarkable ways. This page is meant to give you an overview of all of the different ways you can make a gift.  Once you have decided that making a gift to Mater Christi School is an important priority for you, we want to help you find the best gift vehicle that will meet your financial needs and goals for your particular gift. Please explore the information below to understand the wide variety of options that are available to you. We would love to continue this conversation in person if there is any information in these pages that interests you.  Thank you in advance for your support of Mater Christi School.

    Ways to Give

    Cash Contributions:
    A gift of cash remains the simplest way to contribute to Mater Christi School. It can be put to work for the school right away, and depending on an individual’s financial circumstances, can provide tax benefits to the donor.  
    For your convenience, contributions can be made using our online option.  If you prefer to mail your gift to Mater Christi School, please print out and include the gift form.

    Gifts of appreciated securities offer significant tax advantages to the donor and are very easy to arrange. Stock gifts can be sent to Mater Christi School via DTC or by original stock certificates. Credit is given and a tax deduction is allowable for the value of the mean of the high and low prices of the stock on the day of transfer of the securities to Mater Christi School, provided the stock has been held more than twelve months. 

    Matching Gifts:
    Many companies sponsor matching gift programs that will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Some even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. These programs are a great way for companies to support education and a chance for you to double or even triple your gift! Mater Christi School credits the individual donor for the total gift. Donors should inquire whether their employer has a matching gift program, and if so, obtain the proper forms to forward to the School Office at Mater Christi School.

    A gift-in-kind is a donation of tangible personal property other than securities. These gifts-in-kind may include fine art, jewelry, antiques, furniture, stamps, coins, books, musical instruments, or equipment.

    Planned Gifts:
    Donors can help secure the long-term financial health of Mater Christi through gifts that come in the future or over a period of years. There are many kinds of planned gifts (all of which offer significant tax benefits to the donor), including the following:

         Bequests—Assets transferred through a donor’s estate. Any asset may be given in this way, though we most commonly receive cash gifts set out in a donor’s will. Other bequests include the proceeds of life insurance policies and retirement plans.

         Life Income Gift—Charitable Remainder Trusts and Mater Christi School’s Pooled Income Fund are two ways for donors to make gifts that will benefit the School in the future while providing tax benefits and income for the donor immediately and over time.

         Gifts of a Future Interest in Real Estate—Some donors make gifts of personal residences or second homes, retaining the right to use them for their lifetime.

         Charitable Lead Trust—With this gift, a donor removes specified assets from his or her estate, receives immediate tax savings and provides the School income from those assets for a period of years. At the end of the gift period, the assets may be returned to the donor, or tax free, to a third party. Parents and grandparents find the charitable lead trust an excellent way to provide for a future generation while accomplishing good work today and decreasing their likely estate taxes.