• Onsite Lunch Program is Paused

    The lunch program will be phased in as deemed appropriate by responsible parties and with proper health guidelines as the school year progresses.

    Students will be eating lunch in their homerooms at their desks or socially distant in the school field. Measures to protect students with food allergies will be made. Students will bring lunches from home until it is determined that the school can have a lunch program in place following all DOH guidelines.  All students will perform hand hygiene before and after eating. Proper hand hygiene will be taught to all students.  Sharing of food and beverages will be prohibited to protect all students.

    When students eat in classrooms all non-food service staff will be trained on any meal service-related activities they will be responsible for. Teachers will be trained on recognizing food allergies, including symptoms of allergic reactions to food.

    Students will be at their desks which are 6 feet apart or be separated by a barrier while consuming meals. The school will coordinate school personnel in order to meet the feeding safety needs of students with disabilities.

Last Modified on August 6, 2020