• Student Departure Protocols

    Students Departing by Car:

    Families picking up students departing by car will follow a staggered dismissal schedule to allow for proper social distancing during the departure process When entering the que, families will refer to the diagram above. Each family will receive a pickup sign with pertinent pickup information which will be clearly displayed in a passenger side window. School personnel will meet each car and relay pickup information to school personnel inside the school building. Students will be called over the school PA system and proceed to the exit door corresponding to the door used for arrival. No car is permitted to move until all car doors are closed and school personnel indicate it is safe to do so. It is absolutely imperative for the safety of our students and staff that no car pulls out of the line for any reason. School personnel will direct cars to park in designated parking areas if wait time is extended beyond normal to avoid unnecessary delays.

    Multiple Entrances will be staffed by school Personnel to facilitate social distancing during the student dismissal process:
    Door A - (Parish Center Entrance) Extended Day
    Door B - (Main School Entrance) Car Riders (Grades 1-8) 
    Door C - (Kindergarten Entrance) Students departing school by car in Kindergarten.
    Door D - (PreKindergarten Entrance) PreKindergarten Students


    The designated staff member will be wearing a mask.