• Remote/Hybrid Instruction

    Given the possibility that communities may experience spikes in COVID-19 cases at any point during the school year, which may prompt short or long-term school closures, the school has developed a hybrid/blended learning model and schedule that can continue as is in a fully remote environment.

    Instruction will not only focus on “core” subject areas to the exclusion of elective courses. Consideration has been given to prioritizing hands-on and lab-based activities while students are onsite in school buildings. All instruction will continue to be aligned to the New York State Learning Standards.

    As noted previously, student schedules will remain the same whether instruction is in person or remote.Throughout the day, there will be periods of independent and facilitated learning options based on the schedule of the classroom. Middle School classes will follow the schedule of the homeroom class. Periodic breaks for lunch, exercise and free time will be interspersed throughout the day. Records of attendance and engagement will be monitored and reported using PowerSchool.

    To ensure high-quality remote learning experiences, we will standardize the use of a single online learning platform, to the extent possible, and develop a common, coordinated set of guidelines for teachers to follow when using the platform with students.

    Grading practices will follow a standards-based framework designed to provide direct feedback regarding students’ mastery of course content.

    For information on school schedules, visit the Religious and Independent School Schedules section [provide link] of our reopening plan.

    For information about how remote/hybrid instruction information will be communicated to students and families, visit the Communication/Family and Community Engagement section of our reopening plan.


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