Mr. Matthew Murphy
  • Principal's Message

    For over 60 years, Mater Christi School has been committed to excellence, and as Principal I am proud and pleased to share with you the many wonderful facets of our school.  We at Mater Christi School live a mission that is focused on recognizing and developing each child’s talents and interests as we foster a love of learning that creates confident, independent, lifelong learners.    

    Mater Christi School is a unique blend of tradition and innovation.  We are blessed to be able to draw on the knowledge and expertise of our many experienced teachers, while benefitting from the new ideas and technological savvy that our newer teachers infuse into our school.  This remarkable collaboration establishes a firm foundation of skills in the primary grades, which enables students to soar and explore in the middle school grades, and flourish as they move on to high school.  

    Our school climate is affirming, nurturing and comfortable. Everyone knows everyone in this small community.  Dedication and caring are the hallmarks of the faculty and staff.  Teachers focus on creating a learning environment that is challenging and supporting of each individual.  

    Our curriculum fosters the intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of students and incorporates technology as an essential tool for learning.  Through ongoing professional development, our faculty is kept up-to-date on the Common Core Curriculum changes evolving in NYS, and our students’ scores consistently demonstrate achievement of these learning standards.  

    Essential 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication, and collaboration are woven into the learning experience.  A wide range of innovative activities complements the academic program and increases opportunities for competition, collaboration, public speaking, performance, and leadership.  We encourage our children to question and grow, to care and lead as they develop into well-prepared, contributing, and confident members of our world and church.

    As we welcome our preschoolers at the beginning of each year, we see the potential of every student and embrace their world of wonder and curiosity.  Through the years, we nurture and guide them with a curriculum that is both challenging and supportive, encouraging them to strive for their very best.  As we proudly watch our 8th graders graduate at the end of each year, we see before us confident young men and women ready to meet the challenges of high school and beyond.  It is a joy to watch this transformation and I hope that as you are considering where your child will spend these very important years, you will join us and discover what a great place Mater Christi School is to learn and grow.