• School Board

    Founded in 1973, the Mater Christi School Board provides advice and counsel in strategic planning, policy formation, institutional advancement, and financial planning and management.  The board consists of at least 9 but no more than 12 members who serve for three-year terms.  Members are comprised of parents of children in the school as well as members of the Mater Christi parish community.

    School Board Officers
         President: Brian Duffy

    Ex Officio
         Parish Administrator: Fr. Brian Lehnert
         Principal: Mr. Matthew Murphy


         Kathleen Childs     Christopher DeWitt     Sara Duncan 
         Kate Hogan            Erik LaChance            Diana Marino
         Nick Miuccio          Barbara Terry
    Much of the work of our School Board is accomplished by its standing committees.  Anyone is invited to share their time and talents by working on a School Board Committee.  Committee members need not be Board members. 

    Finance Committee: 
    This committee prepares the budget in cooperation with the school principal and pastor, presents the budget to the School Board, and monitors its progress monthly.  They prepare a long-range financial plan in consultation with the pastor and school principal. This committee oversees the Investment Subcommittee.  

    Advancement/Development Committee:  This committee shall be responsible for promoting awareness of the mission and benefits of the school and increasing enrollment through the development of marketing strategies.  Implemention of strategies will be coordinated with the development chair and principal. The goal of development is the advancement of the school, in mission, enrollment, recognition and revenue building.  The committee coordinates and oversees the work of the Revenue Raising committee and helps in establishing roles and goals each year for the overall development program. 

    Revenue Raising Committee:  This committee shall be responsible for investigating, planning and coordinating all revenue-raising activities related to the operating budget of the school.  This includes fundraising events/programs.  The committee members may chair specific events or programs, or seek members of the school, parish, or community to chair an event or program.

    Facility Committee:  This committee will be responsible for monitoring and input of the facilities portion of the Strategic Plan and assisting with any facility issues and capital projects needed for the school.  They will work closely with the principal and parish representatives for the smooth completion of such projects and will report on project status to the full board when appropriate.

    A schedule of board meetings is published each September.  Regularly scheduled meetings are held in the school science lab at 6:00 P.M. and are open to members of the parish and parents of the children attending the school.  Meeting dates for the 2022-2023 school year:
         ~ September 28, 2022
         ~ October 26, 2022
         ~ November 30, 2022

         ~ January 25, 2023
         ~ February 22, 2023                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
    ~ March 22, 2023    
         ~ April 26, 2023
         ~ May 24, 2023
         ~ June 14, 2023
         ~ August 16, 2023