• School Uniforms

    All students are required to wear the school uniform every day.  Physical Education uniforms are worn all day on physical education days.

    The school uniform for students in kindergarten-5th grade consists of a green plaid skirt or jumper, yellow shirt and green socks or tights for girls. Green uniform slacks and walking shorts are also available.  Boys are required to wear green uniform pants or shorts, white polo shirt (no tie), and dark socks.  The middle school uniform for students in grades 6-8 consists of tan pants, skirts or skorts topped by a dark green polo shirt (with logo). 

    The physical education uniform consists of green shorts (nylon or jersey knit), green fleece sweat pants or nylon warm-up pants, and a green or white t-shirt.  Sweatshirts are also available.  All of these items have the MCS logo imprinted on them.

    All school and physical education uniform items are purchased from Student Styles by Smith in Latham.  Order forms are available in the school office or you may order online at www.yourstudentstyles.com.

    The 2022-2023 Student Style Price List can be found here at Uniforms 22-23.

    For your convenience, a used uniform sale also takes place each June.  This is a fantastic opportunity to buy quality uniforms at a fraction of the cost.  Used uniforms are also available throughout the year.