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We Won't Stop Dreaming

Students in 3rd-5th grades participated in a virtual choir project as part of their distance learning in music education. Instructions for the project were given via recorded video lessons and each student was given a practice and recording track to use. After learning and practicing the song, each student recorded themselves singing individually using a voice memo app. The individual recordings and an accompaniment track were layered together in GarageBand and photographs were added in iMovie by our music teacher, Mrs. Reno. The song used was "We Won't Stop Dreaming" by Pinkzebra. 

"As a music educator, I believe that the arts are an important part of the human experience and beneficial to many aspects of development; music is an important part of education for the whole child. This does not stop even though we are not currently physically together in school. When the closures began, I was worried whether or not I could continue to provide authentic music making experiences for our students over the computer. I believe the virtual choir project has succeeded. The process was a learning experience not only for our students but for me as well. This was my first attempt at audio editing or attempting something like this and the final product has exceeded my own expectations. It has been a great joy to hear our students singing, not only to hear the hard work put into each of their individual tracks but especially to hear all of their voices together. I think the combination of the children's voices, the words of the song, and the images of distance learning is touching something very deep in a lot of people right now. I am very grateful to the parents of our school who assisted their children and to my MCS colleagues for their encouragement and to all who sent me photos to use in the montage." -Andrea Reno

To view this amazing video use the link below: